Commercial Elevator Modernization

Commercial Elevator Modernization

      One of the Hallmarks of building improvements is Modernization, both aesthetics and performance. A term that is different in interpretation to different people. At AZtech we realize that there are countless considerations when deciding to modernize and it is with this in mind we offer our years of experience in helping you make decisions.

      Modernization can be as comprehensive as replacing everything in the elevator hoistway and equipment room as well as the elevator interior itself to something as simple as upgrading antiquated equipment.

      Years of working with Architects and Building Contractors has taught us that coordinating efforts from Design, Budgeting, Scheduling and Awarding of Contract is essential for completion and a satisfied client.

      From beginning to end AZtech Elevator Company is not as concerned about the size of your project(s) as we are in making sure we provide Quality, Service and for a decent price.

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