Elevator Inspections – Commercial

Commercial Elevator Inspections

      There are many reasons for an Independent Elevator Inspection. Some of the reasons might be: selling your property; updating or replacing the present equipment; persistent elevator problems; poor elevator ride; squeaks and noises; functional elevator lights always burned out. Whatever your reason(s), our Independent Elevator Inspection Service will answer any and all these questions as to the quality and condition your equipment.


    AZtech Elevator Company specializes in Commercial and Residential Hydraulic Elevator Inspections which include.

Complete Examination of Elevator:
Machine Room, Hoistways, Car Tops, Pits, Cab Interiors and Entrances.
Check the status with respect to Code compliance and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Detailed description of the existing equipment conditions.
Overall assessment of the maintenance
List of deficiencies

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